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When to Upgrade Your Landline to Send and Receive Text Messages

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December 2, 2021
EZ Texting
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Is now the right time to upgrade your landline to send and receive text messages?

Some of the most successful businesses have already made the leap. And with no changes to your existing phone number or voice service, enabling your business landline is simple and easy to do. In fact, it only takes a few minutes to enroll and start texting today.

The fact is, text-to-landline has been around for years, but as the amount of time that people spend on their phones' texting apps increases, not having it means you're behind the curve. The businesses that bought into text marketing years ago are reaping all the benefits. Most business executives and marketers know that mobile e-commerce is set to take over all of retail sales. In fact, 70% of smartphone users first turn to their phone for information about a purchase even when they make the purchase in the store. Even if this doesn't sound like your typical customer, the prevalence of mobile phone ownership — 95% in 2018 — means that it most likely is. 

As a recognized leader in text marketing, we've helped many businesses to unlock the power of text-to-landline. In most cases, there's always some hesitation to upgrade. We get asked the same questions time and time again:

  • Is text-to-landline really worth the investment?
  • Are my customers really interested in texting my business?
  • How will business texting help me save money?

of consumers say they would prefer businesses to text them, rather than call.


of consumers want to initiate conversations with businesses via text message.

So, is now the right time to upgrade your business landline? Use these expert insights to guide your decision-making.


4 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Landline

Here are the most common indicators that now is the time to upgrade.

1. You're Struggling to Answer the Phone and Return Calls

When you text-enable a business landline, customers come to you. A text-to-landline service is ideal for most business types, including retailfaith-basedfood and hospitalityfitnessnonprofitsreal estate, and many others. By investing in business texting, you're making it faster and easier for customers to connect with your business. Now, instead of playing an endless game of phone tag, important marketing messages are delivered right to your customers' inboxes.


2. Your Customers are Dissatisfied With Your Customer Service

An increasing number of businesses are looking for new opportunities to deliver greater customer service. If your current customer base is complaining about your business's customer service, now is the right time to upgrade your landline.

In a matter of seconds, customers can send simple inquiries about hours, location, products, and personal appointments to your business via text. Moreover, investing in a text-to-landline service means that your customer service team can manage, reference, and respond to customer messages efficiently.

EZ Texting’s 1-on-1 Chat feature allows you to text enable your landline or toll-free number for direct messaging with your contacts.

3. You're Losing Leads After the Initial Contact

Are your follow-up messages falling on deaf ears? If you're not making it easier for your customers to respond to your follow-up calls via a text-enabled landline, you're leaving money on the table. The fact is, playing phone tag results in dead leads. Improve your ability to close sales by text-enabling your current landline. 

Additionally, texting doesn't end when your customers make their first purchase. When you invest in a text-to-landline service, you can build on that one-to-one B2C customer relationship by sending personalized product information and upcoming sales reminders that you know that customer will love.


4. You're Worried About Customer Poaching

You love that your best salespeople are building relationships with your clients — it's a key part of their job. But if your employees are taking communications into their own hands and conducting business on their own mobile devices, there is a larger margin for error and the possibility that if that salesperson leaves, the client leaves with him or her. Let's say your employees send frequent payment check-ins or appointment reminders. Upgrading to a text-enabled business landline with EZ Texting gives you a centralized area where customers can text in, and your staff can log in to the company account and answer them. Your B2C communications will be more organized, trackable, and transparent.


of consumers have a positive perception of a company that offers texting.

Are You Ready to Upgrade?

Upgrading your business landline makes a lot of sense. And with zero disruption to your existing voice service and current number, making the switch is easier than ever. The benefits of a text-enabled landline are virtually limitless, and the data speaks for itself:

  • 90% of consumers say they would prefer businesses to text them, rather than call.
  • 85% of consumers want to initiate conversations with businesses via text message.
  • 77% of consumers have a positive perception of a company that offers texting.

With a text-to-landline service, customers can reach your business at their convenience, not just during open business hours or when a customer service associate is available to take their call. More than 150 million messages are sent daily to non-mobile users. If you haven't already invested in text-to-landline for your business, you might be missing out on a valuable opportunity to connect with high-value prospects and customers. From customer service requests to sales inquiries, your customers are texting you right now, and you're missing their important messages.

Are you ready to upgrade?

Sign up for Text-to-Landline today for $29! In just minutes, we'll give you everything you need to send your first text message from a business landline.

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