EZ Texting Pricing

Flexible plans with industry-leading deliverability and no hidden fees.

Annual Plans
Monthly Plans


Local EZ Textable Number  
Recommended for up to
500 contacts

Starting at

$25/ Month


Recommended for up to
500 contacts

Starting at

$20/ Month

Billed Annually

Max Speed: up to 500/day  
Cost Per Msg:
$0.027 $0.030
Delivery Rate: 95%
Includes 500 free msg/mo or 6k annually
Set-up time: Within 24 hours


Local EZ High-Volume,
High-Speed Number  
Recommended for
2,000-50,000 contacts

Starting at

$125/ Month


Recommended for
2,000-50,000 contacts

Starting at

$100/ Month

Billed Annually

Max Speed: up to 50,000/day  
Cost Per Msg:
$0.018 $0.020
Delivery Rate: 95%
Includes 500 free msg/mo or 6k annually
Set-up time: Within 24 hours


Dedicated Short Code  
Recommended for
50,000+ contacts

Starting at

$3000/ Month

Recommended for
50,000+ contacts

Starting at

$3000/ Month

Max Speed: up to 1 MM/day  
Cost Per Msg:
$0.010 $0.010
Delivery Rate: 99%
Includes 200k msg/mo
Set-up time: 4 to 12 weeks

Included in All Plans


Incoming Messages,
Contacts, Keywords
& Two-Way Texting

New Features

Realize ROI faster with AI
Compose & Team Inbox
with AI Reply

Growth Tools

Easily Grow Your List
With QR codes, Keywords
& Signup Forms

MMS Edge

Millions of Images &
Image Editing Tool
Powered by Shutterstock


Upload, Management,
Groups &
Sales tax may be applied where applicable
Promotional Pricing Until December 5, 2022
* Requires volume commitment; additional messages above commitment charged at $0.04/message
** Carrier pass through fees are billed separately based on exact usage
We support Canada!
See Canadian Pricing

Do More with a Dedicated Short Code!

A dedicated short code is a 5- or 6-digit textable number reserved for exclusive use by one business.

  • Easy to Remember
  • Access to Unlimited Keywords
  • Perfect for High-Volume Messaging

Make Opt Ins Easy with Keywords

Every EZ Texting plan comes with one or more Keywords - unique terms that can help you supercharge list growth.

  • More Memorable Marketing
  • Enhances Engagement
  • Easy List Segmentation

Scalable & Enterprise Solutions

High-volume text message campaigns are easy with pricing plans tailored to your needs.

  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Access to SMS API

Our Customers Love Us. The Feeling is Mutual

Redefine success with text messaging solutions for every business category.

Great Service

Great service! We like the ease of use, affordable price, and the many features offered to assist in running a business and communication. I love all aspects of EZ Texting.
Keith B

Small Business Owner

EZ Texting is a huge time saver

We are very impressed with how easy it is to send out messages to our entire company. Our agents love it because they can quickly see and respond to message(s). The pricing is perfect for our business size.
Jacquelyn B

Executive Real Estate Broker Assistant

Excellent resource!

We were looking for a cost effective way to set up texting campaigns. After looking at many we chose EZ Texting and are glad we did. The price was great. The service worked flawlessly.
Darvie F


Powerful Integrations  
at Your Fingertips

We've partnered with top software companies so you can easily connect with the apps you already use to drive your business, including popular services like SalesForce, HubSpot, Squarespace, Shutterstock, Transcend, Zapier, and Zendesk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing & Credits

Credits are the form of currency used to measure each message you send to each contact. Typically, it costs 1 credit to send 1 SMS message, but may vary upon plans for sending MMS messages.

  • 1 credit = $0.05 cents*
  • 1 SMS message (160 characters or less) = 1 credit
  • 1 MMS message (up to 1600 characters, may includes a photo, GIF, or video) = up to 3 credits (varies between plans)

Once you have purchased a plan with EZ Texting, you can add more credits at any time. And to maximize the value of all your credits, EZ Texting offers rollover credits. Credits rollover for one month only and rollover is only available to those on a monthly plan.

Only outgoing messages will be charged credits - these include:

  • Messages sent to recipients
  • Message forwarding to phones only
  • Auto replies to keywords

An SMS message (text only, up to 160 characters) will cost 1 credit.

An MMS message (up to 1600 characters and/or includes an image/gif/video) will cost 3 credits.

The best way to estimate how many credits you will need is to look at your current subscriber list and how often you would like to send messages. Multiply the number of subscribers you currently have by the number of messages you would like to send to get an idea of how many credits you may need. Keep in mind that SMS messages (text only, 160 characters) are 1 credit each, and MMS messages (including images or video, and/or up to 1600 characters) are 3 credits each.

Any customers messaging from 10-digit numbers will have all carrier fees included in their pricing plan.

You can upgrade your plan at any time.

Features & Plans

SMS messages are text only messages that can have up to 160 characters.
MMS messages can contain text up to 1600 characters long, and can include an image, video or gif.

No. SMS messages are 1 credit and are capped at 160 alphanumeric characters. MMS messages feature longer message lengths (up to 1600 alphanumeric characters) as well as added images, GIFs, or video, which is why they are typically 3 credits.

Outbound messages are messages that you or your business sends to a customer.

Inbound messages are the inquiries and replies that you may receive from a customer.

We assign you a 10-digit textable local number when you first create your account. You will not be texting from your personal phone number.

If you have a business landline phone you would like to turn into a textable number, we can help you with that here:


Additional textable numbers are available for an additional fee.

We currently operate in the United States and Canada.

For SMS short code pricing please contact our sales team here.