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SMS Reporting & Analytics

What Are SMS Analytics with EZ Texting?

SMS analytics provide critical insight into interactions with your SMS messaging and marketing campaigns. It’s important to track these interactions and measure what’s working (and what isn’t) in order to best optimize your future messaging.

After gathering message data, EZ Texting’s simplified SMS Reports & Analytics tool will tell you how your message performed while providing valuable insight on how to improve the performance of future SMS messaging.

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95 percent

deliverability rate via EZ Texting
(vs. 85% for others)

45 percent

of small businesses use analytics
to improve their business

98 percent

of SMS messages are opened
compared to 18% of emails

How businesses Use Reports

How Businesses Are Using SMS Reporting & Analytics

Optimizing SMS Strategies

Track clicks, bounce rates, opt outs, and more for a better understanding of your campaign’s success.

Viewing Contact-Level Activity

Get insight into how individual contacts are interacting with your SMS campaigns and messaging.

Tracking Contact Behavior

By engaging UTM parameters users can track source data and web traffic from links included in SMS campaigns.

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SMS Reporting Benefits & Features


Make Better Decisions

See valuable insights into campaign performance to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Get Insights

View statistics on simple dashboards including opt-in rates, deliverability, and engagement.

Track Engagement

Minimize the character count of long, distracting links with a trackable, in-app link shortener.

Manage Contact Growth

Follow opt-ins (and opt-outs) to drive messaging strategy and inspire future growth.

Delivery Report Notifications

EZ Texting helps keep reporting top of mind with SMS delivery notifications. (Value plans excluded)

See how easy it is to measure your text campaign results using EZ Texting’s Reports & Analytics tool.

What Industries are Using SMS Reporting & Analytics?

Auto Dealerships


Grab the keys to your SMS success by using Reporting and Analytics to optimize each campaign for success.

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Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies

Make client reporting easy using Reporting and Analytics tools to track opt ins, clicks, bounce rates, and more.

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Real Estate

Real Estate

Keep your contacts list fresh by maintaining management over your opt-ins, opt-outs, and bounce rates.

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Professional Services


Use reporting and analytics to keep your contact lists clean and hone in on your optimal messaging with every text you send.

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Property Management

Retail & Ecommerce

Keep a close eye on opt-in rates, bounce rates, and clicks to measure — and optimize — your text campaigns.

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Higher Education

Higher Education

Improve student engagement by keeping a close watch on your opt-ins, unsubscribes, and bounce rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions


You can track SMS marketing messages in different ways, but most start by tracking audience engagement, which can be measured by determining how many messages are being delivered over time and how many replies you are receiving. This will show engagement and help keep your contact list up to date.

You can also track the health of your overall campaigns by measuring contact growth and incorporating growth list tools to truly boost your numbers!



No. Due to compliance rules you cannot track SMS open rates, but you can track deliverability and, using our trackable link shortener, you can track clicks on your SMS messaging to follow engagement.



Not all businesses or organizations measure success in the same way. For example, a retail business running an SMS campaign may be more concerned with data that points to customer conversions, such as click-through rate, while a nonprofit organization may be more interested in measuring only engagement.

In general, a successful SMS campaign will engage your contacts and drive clicks without triggering unsubscribes.



EZ Texting’s reporting feature makes it easy to track deliverability, campaign results, and contact list growth. The insights gathered about your deliverability, replies, and opt-in and unsubscribe rates is invaluable. And if you use EZ Texting’s trackable link shortener you’ll also be able to track clicks from your SMS messaging.



Reporting tools are available with our Essentials, Premium, and Custom plans, but not available with our Value plan.