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Text automation makes business operations run smoother and more efficiently.

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What is Text Automation?

Text automation makes it easy to trigger personalized text messages that inform, engage, and convert customers automatically. Automated text campaigns can be set to send reminders for payments or upcoming appointments, or simply say happy birthday to valued contacts. Scheduled text messages and drip campaigns are an effective way to engage and nurture contacts over time.

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93 percent

average saved each week by
marketers using automation tools

60 000x faster

of marketers say they’ll
implement automation
software in their next role

80 percent

of all companies already use at
least one kind of marketing
automation tool

68 percent

of customer service pros
say that most next best
actions are automated

How Businesses Are Using Text Automation

General Information Requests

Keep your customer’s peace of mind by using automated text updates for orders, appointments, and other customer service inquiries.

Holiday Promotions & Campaigns

Seasonal campaigns are much less daunting when text marketing is automated from a central messaging system.

Event Registration Confirmations & Reminders

Managing event FAQs and RSVPs is a breeze with automated text confirmations and reminders.

Periodic Reminders

HR and accounting departments serve staff better using automated text reminders that help everyone stay on track.

Why are Businesses Using Text Automation?

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Engage Instantly

Deliver information in seconds by creating automated text messages triggered by inbound text messages or any of EZ Texting’s list-building solutions.

Get Paid

Increase Sales

Use automated text messages to nurture leads, improve customer experience, send appointment reminders, and so much more.


Save Time

Schedule campaigns to deploy at a specific date and time. Text automation allows you to create your messaging once and move on.

Getting Started is Easy

See how quickly you can start your texting journey and go from zero to send in a matter of minutes.

What Industries Benefit from Text Automation?

Elevate your customer experience and streamline messaging tasks using text automation.

Full-service marketing and advertising agencies, digital agencies, email and social media agencies
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Residential and commercial real estate sales, brokerage, and more
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Clothing, beauty, specialty foods, furniture and home furnishings stores, and more
Read more
Gyms, fitness centers, personal trainers, yoga and pilates studios
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Finance, insurance, law firms, tax preparation services, and more
Read more
Federal, state, and municipal agencies, as well as public services
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Childcare, daycare, preschools, and K-12 education
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Faith-based organizations, civic groups, conservation organizations, and more
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Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious organizations
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Hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, day spas, and more
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Frequently Asked Questions


An automated text reply is a preset text message triggered to send by a contact’s action, such as texting a Keyword, using a QR code, or inbound texts with frequently asked questions.



Scheduling your text messages is easy. Simply compose your message as you normally would, but instead of sending now, scroll down and choose “Schedule for Later” or “Schedule Recurring,” choose your dates, and your messages will send at the date and time you selected.



A recurring text is a message that sends on a recurring schedule — the first of every month, for instance — and is a reminder for recurring events such as payment due, timecards submissions, and more.



It's easy to create automations like a Keyword reply. Add a Keyword to your textable number and when a member of your audience or a potential lead responds to the Keyword, an automated reply message that you've created is sent. It's perfect for welcoming a new member to your SMS community or to complete a two-step authentication process.