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Schools, colleges, and universities can grow enrollment by meeting prospective students where they are — on their phones. Increase outreach and connect more quickly and easily via bulk texting.

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86% of students reported higher education text messaging helped them complete a task1

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94.6 minutes a day is the average for typical college life SMS usage2

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98% of all text messages sent are opened and read3

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80% of all texts are responded to within 10 minutes4

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SMS Messaging for 
Higher Education

Attract new applicants, engage alumni, and build a communications fastlane with students using the premier texting software for higher education.

  • Increase Enrollment Through Bulk Messaging
  • Reliable Text Message System for Universities
  • Build Your College Admissions Marketing List
  • Data & Reports to Optimize Mass Texts
  • Worry-Free Opt-Out Tools for Bulk SMS

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Why Texting for Higher Education Is Crucial for Communications & Education


Use the Power of Text Messaging to Build & Maintain Student Relationships from Recruitment to Enrollment

   Attract New Students
Use text messaging as an effective acquisition tool to evaluate student and applicant engagement.

   Boost Marketing ROI
Amplify the impact of your marketing campaigns by integrating text messaging into digital, social, email, and print ads.

   Streamline Workflows
Guide students through complex processes with automated text reminders to keep them informed of important deadlines.

   Create Personalized Experiences
Engage 1:1 with students and answer questions about enrollment, financial aid, and more from the convenience of our mobile app.

   Send Notifications & Alerts
Keep students safe, informed, and engaged with timely text notifications and alerts.

   Send Notifications & Alerts
Keep faculty and staff in the know and safe with text messages sent directly to their mobile devices.

   Streamline Internal Workflows
Send text reminders to streamline internal processes such as open enrollment, training, policy changes, and more.

   Reach Remote Teams
Rapidly connect to a mobile workforce across multiple buildings and campuses.

TCPA Compliance: Above & Beyond

We make TCPA compliance easy with features including double opt-in security, automated opt-out functionality, and SafeSTOP, to add required opt-out messaging with one simple click.
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Which EZ Texting Plan Is Right for You?

No matter which plan you choose, EZ Texting’s reliability and expertise will be backing your academy or college SMS system. No hidden fees. Trial for free. Cancel anytime.


Our Customers Love Us. The Feeling’s Mutual.

Higher education institutions large and small are growing their businesses every day with EZ Texting.


EZ Texting


465 reviews


Great Communication Tool

When we meet with students and they find out they are able to text the financial services and admissions department they love it! The fact that I can chat with our students at any time is awesome and very convenient. You will be amazed by how great the service is.


Mass Texting Problem Solved

We keep students informed of their start dates, billing information, and upcoming classes. [We also use text when] welcoming new students. With MMS texting I can send longer messages and keep my students updated.


Texting tool for Higher Education

I enjoy the ease of EZ Texting. I am a college recruiter and it made it simple to connect with my students. I am able to connect with prospective students in a way that is more effective than email. Students are actually opening messages and responding.

Scott Krawczyk

“By far the easiest of the mass texting platforms that I found on the web. I like being able to communicate with large groups of the organization in a timely manner and gain quick feedback to key questions from constituents."

Scott Krawczyk
Dean – Richard L. Conolly College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Powerful SMS Marketing Features

Dedicated Short Codes

Boost engagement and brand awareness with a memorable 5-6 digit textable number

Contact Management

Easily upload existing contacts then personalize, group, and segment for fast targeting

MMS Picture Messaging

Drive engagement with your own dynamic image or one of millions of free Shutterstock images

Group Texting

Message all your contacts at once, or segment into groups for quick

Two-Way Texting

Conversational texting allows for easy one-to-one connections to your customers

List Growth Tools

EZ Texting offers multiple ways to grow your opt-in list, including Keywords, QR codes, and digital sign-up
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Streamline Your Workflows with Custom App Integrations

EZ Texting works closely with popular applications like Constant Contact, HubSpot, Shutterstock, and Squarespace to help you integrate texting into your campaigns with ease.

  • With our easy-to-use integrations, you can quickly sync systems to one another — without the need for a developer.
  • Automate contact management across platforms — including CRM tools, email marketing systems, and thousands of apps.
  • Integrate text with other workflows to make your college or university operations more organized, efficient, and productive operations.

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Learn How Texting for Higher Education Can Increase Enrollment & Improve Student Engagement

Discover how texting has become essential to college life, from streamlining admissions to using bulk SMS to boost enrollment, in EZ Texting’s Higher Education Playbook for High-Engagement Marketing.


Frequently Asked Questions

While it is not possible to know the exact number of colleges and higher education institutions using a bulk SMS alert system for emergencies, the Campus Safety 2020 Emergency Notification Survey revealed that 70% of higher education respondents said that they have developed two or more emergency notifications systems. The survey also showed that of all the systems campuses relied on, administrators were the most satisfied with their texting platforms.

Simply put, yes. According to Pew Research, nearly 60% of teen smartphone users cite texting as the main way they communicate online/on their phones. Since the same study found that only 6% of students check their email daily, this huge disparity in usage indicates a strong preference for text over email. Additionally, a 2016 survey of millennials showed that 76% preferred texting to talking for convenience.

Yes, it is. Across all demographics, texting has an average 98% open rate. Compared to email’s 20% average, the likelihood that a text recipient will see a SMS over an email is much higher. Our internal research indicates that the younger the audience, the more engagement a text message gets, therefore making both two-way texting and bulk SMS one of the most effective means of communications between students and colleges or universities.

You can. With EZ Texting, colleges, universities, and academies can utilize the texting platform’s capabilities to send both mass texts and one-on-one messages to their contacts. Our end-to-end texting software for higher education includes 1-on-1 Chat, a feature that allows you to text-enable a landline or toll-free number or initiate direct texting with students using a textable number.

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