Text Forwarding for Business

Never miss a message by automatically forwarding inbound text messages and replies to your phone, email, or messaging dashboard.

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What is Text Forwarding?

Text forwarding delivers incoming text messages to your mobile device, email, or online messaging dashboard, making it easy to see all your incoming messaging via your preferred channel.

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98 percent

of all text messages are
opened and read

91 %

of Americans keep their mobile devices within arm's length at all times

77 percent

of consumers read new text messages within 15 minutes of receipt

62 percent

of cellphone users check for new messages immediately after waking

How Businesses Are Using Text Forwarding


Customer Support

Delight your customers by staying up-to-the-minute on all incoming customer communications and responding quickly through their preferred channel — text messaging.

Sales & Marketing

Never miss another sale opportunity. Get notified fast when a potential customer reaches out with questions about your products and services.

Recruiting & Employee Operations

Stay informed via your preferred channel whenever job applicants and employees reach out via text.

What are the Benefits of Text Forwarding?

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Send messages to your mobile device, email, or messaging dashboard

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Manage extensive contact lists from a web browser interface

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Keep teams informed by allowing members to choose their preferred messaging channel

Never Miss a Message with Text Forwarding

Time is money. When you take too long to respond to your customers it can cost you a sale — or more. Text forwarding can keep you up-to-date with clients and prospects no matter where you are. 

How Different Industries Are Utilizing Text Forwarding

Property Management

Stay on top of all incoming text communications from staff, leasees, and prospects by forwarding messages to another phone or email.


Text forwarding can help keep communications flowing smoothly for your gym, fitness center, yoga studio, spa, or salon.


Never miss a prospect text by using text forwarding to push messages to your preferred channel.

Higher Education

Receive and reply to student and staff text queries faster by forwarding your texts to another phone or your email.

Rental & Services

Keep up with customer questions and requests by having incoming texts forwarded to your preferred channel or device.

Professional Services

Working in the financial and legal worlds, you need to stay on top of incoming messages, and text forwarding can help.

Construction & Home Services

Construction, landscaping, pest control, and cleaning services can all benefit from faster communications with text forwarding.


If you work in transportation you know how important it is to stay up to the minute. Text forwarding is here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions


See all your incoming messaging no matter where you are! Text message forwarding pushes incoming text messages to your mobile device, email, or online messaging dashboard.



Yes, texts can be forwarded to an email address or email distribution list. This is free.



Yes, texts can be forwarded to a mobile phone number. Please note, this feature users texting credits.



It is free to have your inbound text messages forwarded to your email account, but it costs 1 credit per text message