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What Is Group Texting for Business?

Group texting allows you to reach a large audience of contacts all at once, instantly, by sending targeted, personalized text messages at scale from a text messaging platform like EZ Texting.


Unlike a group conversation initiated from a personal phone, a group message sent from EZ Texting is delivered to each contact individually, allowing each recipient to respond without seeing replies from others in your contact list.

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Stat 98

open rate on group texting messages

Stat 90

of consumers check new messages within 30 minutes.

Stat 86

of businesses found texting offered higher engagement than email.

Stat 75

of consumers want group texts with special offers, discounts, and promotions.

Benefits of Using Group Texting


words shares

Connect with an audience of any size and enjoy open rates of 98%


words shares

Boost response rates by personalizing messages


words ROI

Use graphics, emojis, and links to boost engagement to 6X the rate of email



words impact

Rest assured your messages will be
delivered quickly and reliably


words shares

Send text promotions and offers that
drive sales and traffic to your website


words ROI

Track results and access reports to improve the effectiveness of your messages

How Businesses are Using Group Text Messaging Features

Alerts & Notifications

Deliver vital information directly to your audience wherever they are to keep them safe and informed. Learn more about how text can improve customer service like no other channel.

Marketing & Sales

Customers want to hear from you via text. It’s the modern, effective way to grow sales and reach prospective customers. Learn more about how text can boost your marketing and sales efforts.

Employee Operations

Reach remote teams to keep them informed, engaged, and productive. Learn more about how text can help streamline employee operations.

Group Texting for

Marketing Agencies

Use group messaging to send instant communications to both clients and their customers — improving efficiency and growing business.

Retail & Ecommerce

Group texting can help your retail or ecommerce business reach more customers instantly, driving engagement and sales.


Restaurants can use group texting to instantly send discounts and promotions to loyal customers and streamline staff communications.

Bars & Nightlife

Bars and clubs can use group messaging to instantly send promotions to customers and improve staff communications.

Religious Organizations

Many churches use group texting to communicate with their congregations, including reminders about church services, Bible study classes, and community events.


Nonprofits often use text messaging services to communicate policies, organize volunteers, and solicit contributions.


State and local government agencies and offices can use group messaging to better manage workforces and instantaneously convey important information to the public.

Education (K-12)

The immediacy of group texting provides staff and administrators with a powerful tool to keep students and parents informed and engaged and spreading awareness of school events or closure.

Wedding Services

Wedding planners and coordinators can use group messaging to instantly communicate to wedding attendees and service providers to ensure every event leads to incredible memories.


See How Group Texting Can Improve Communication & Fuel Growth

Group messaging with EZ Texting offers the most effective channel for driving message engagement. Whether you're sending marketing messages or staff notifications—you know your message will be seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

A group text message is a single message that you can send to multiple contacts at once.

No, there is no limit to the number of contacts you can include on a group text message.

Yes, you can use the scheduling feature to send a group message at the exact date and time of your choosing.

SMS messages cost 1 credit per contact and MMS messages cost 3 credits per contact. EZ Texting offers volume discounts for large campaigns.

Text message delivery speeds depend on the type of number you are using. A standard local number or toll-free number can send 45 MMS messages per minute or 720 SMS messages per minute whereas a dedicated short code can send up to 35,000 messages per minute.