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About Us

EZ Texting empowers small and medium-sized businesses to reassess, reanalyze, and reimagine harmonious customer engagement strategies through text marketing.

What is EZ Texting? Simple – a text marketing company that delivers the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to personally connect with mobile audiences.

EZ Texting is a straightforward marketing communication tool built to drive one-to-one and one-to-many connections, enabling businesses to quickly and effectively nurture more authentic conversations with primary audiences and mobilize action at scale.

We’ve served over 210,000 customers and are the #1 SMS solution for small and medium-sized business users, setting the standard for professional texting.

EZ Texting is also continuously recognized as a Best Place to Work — including a 2022 win in Los Angeles — with employees across the globe.

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Building the Future of EZ Texting with Our Investment Partners

Our investment partners support our position as a market-leading text solution for businesses and help create opportunities to build EZ Texting’s exciting future.


To Provide High ROI Mobile Marketing Solutions That Help Businesses Grow and Continue Adding Value to the Lives of their Customers.



We dive deep to understand our customers' needs and center our actions around championing their success.


We respect diverse perspectives and WIN by focusing on innovating and solving complex challenges for our customers and our teammates.


It’s important to celebrate each other's achievements, whether professional or personal and give recognition where it's due.


We are committed to a culture of continuous learning, feedback, and flexibility to better serve our customers, teammates, and overall mission.


We build our credibility daily with a commitment to doing what we say and always following through for our customers, team members, and communities.
“Anyone can make an impact at EZ Texting from day one. Together, we celebrate victories and learn from challenges. Initiative and hustle are the only limitations."
Mike Collard
VP of Software Engineering
“I like working for a company that strives for authenticity and not just perfection. Honesty is what helps us thrive.”
April Ewing
Product Marketing Manager
“I love working for an amazing organization where everyone on the staff truly gets along and pitches in to get the job done.”
John Moon
Web Development Team Lead
“My favorite thing about EZ Texting is the people. Together, we solve problems, serve customers, and have fun in the process. Every day, I'm given opportunities to learn and grow.”
Carter Hall
Associate Product Manager

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It's critical to be able to easily and effectively communicate fast-moving changes
in schedules, and procedures with both staff and customers.



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Our people are our greatest asset, taking the lead in shaping our future, and we invest in them accordingly. View our careers page to see our current openings.

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