SMS Healthcare Solutions

SMS for healthcare facilities and providers can drastically reduce no shows and cancellations, while improving patient connections and keeping staff engaged with timely messaging.

of appointments are not canceled after a reminder text1
of patients receiving texts felt more connected to their care team2
of patients select providers based on convenience3

How Healthcare SMS
Fits Into Your Practice

Grow Your Patient List

Add contacts fast with bulk upload options, QR codes on signage, and a web signup form.

SMS Appointment Reminders

Reduce no shows by as much as 90% by sending one simple reminder text.

Trackable Links

Watch your reports to help optimize every message with our trackable link shortener.

Text Automation

Create a welcome message to be received instantly by everyone who joins your list.

Patient Education

Use text’s 98% open rate to ensure patients see all the information they need to know.

Conversational Texting

Establishing a 1:1 SMS channel allows for a closer connection with your patients.

It’s Easy to Start, Send &
Scale with EZ Texting

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Benefits of Text Messaging in Healthcare

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Keep Healthcare Staff Informed & Engaged

  • Recruit qualified healthcare candidates and accelerate hiring with reminders and links.
  • Notify all your staff instantly about open shifts, and fill them just as quickly.
  • During events, keep staff where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Grow Your Healthcare Business

  • Grow your patient list using a direct channel with ROI that beats email.
  • Keep the calendar full by sending annual checkup and routine appointment reminders.
  • Stay in the black with a simple account status reminder and a link to remit payment.
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Create a Closer Connection to Patients

  • Text’s 98% engagement rate means important information you send will be seen.
  • Drastically reduce no shows and cancellations with a simple reminder text.
  • Let patients know about interruptions to office procedure or last-minute changes.

TCPA Compliance: Above & Beyond

We make TCPA compliance easy with features including double opt-in security, automated opt-out
functionality, and SafeSTOP, to add required opt-out messaging with one simple click.
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Is SMS HIPAA Compliant?

No, SMS is not inherently HIPAA compliant, but it does not prohibit healthcare professionals from sending text messages (such as appointment reminders) to patients. The purpose of the Health and Human Services regulation is to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of protected health information (PHI), such as test results.

Medical professionals should refrain from texting medical information that is personal, sensitive, and specific from a platform that is not HIPAA compliant.

The best thing about text message marketing is the response. It is the most efficient way to be able to connect with our patients. There’s no doubt about it.
David Steward
Bariatric Program Director,
Center for Bariatrics at the
Bailey Medical Center
Center for Bariatrics

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Fewer missed exams or sitting products waiting for pick up
“[EZ Texting] gives us an easy to use and preferred method of communication for things such as appointment reminders and notifications that glasses and contacts are ready for pickup.”
Gary Tremayne  |  Doctor of Optometry, Gary Tremayne, O.D. and Associates
It’s a quick way to communicate efficiently with our entire company
“We are in healthcare and having a way to share an update with all 300+ employees at once, without the dreaded “reply-all” of an email, is perfect. It’s super user friendly.”
Stacy M  |  Marketing and Community Manager, Healthcare Business
We find that many people with hearing issues prefer texts over phone calls
“Our demographic is 65+ so sometimes they forget or have multiple appointments set up and just lose track of time and dates. [SMS] keeps them in the know and keeps the number, address at appointment time at their fingertips.”
TeraMichelle Boyland  |  Executive Administrative Assistant, Westgate Resorts

Powerful SMS Marketing Features

Dedicated Short Codes

Boost engagement and brand awareness with a memorable 5-6 digit textable number

Contact Management

Easily upload existing contacts then personalize, group, and segment for fast targeting

MMS Picture Messaging

Drive engagement with your own dynamic image or one of millions of free Shutterstock images

Group Texting

Message all your contacts at once, or segment into groups for quick

Two-Way Texting

Conversational texting allows for easy one-to-one connections to your customers

List Growth Tools

EZ Texting offers multiple ways to grow your opt-in list, including Keywords, QR codes, and digital sign-up

Healthcare Integrations

Connect your Connect your healthcare system to critical online tools, such as patient or staff management software, talent sourcing products, CRM tools, payment processors, and more. Including:

  • Clinicminds
  • ClinicSoftware
  • Inflowcare
  • NextGen Healthcare
  • Smartsheet
Nonprofit Integration

Frequently Asked Questions


The benefits of using SMS marketing for healthcare include establishing instant communication with patients and ensures timely information dissemination, appointment reminders, and essential updates. By leveraging automated SMS reminders, healthcare providers can significantly reduce no-show rates, enhancing operational efficiency and resource allocation. SMS text messaging is also an effective platform for sharing health tips, educational content, and preventive measures, fostering patient engagement and wellness. Here is a list of additional benefits SMS marketing offers healthcare providers:

  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Cost-effective communication
  • Personalized care
  • Polls, feedback, and surveys


SMS marketing transforms healthcare communication, enhancing patient engagement, promoting wellness, and optimizing operational efficiency in a patient-centric manner. SMS text marketing for healthcare serves a wide variety of use cases, including:

  • Follow-up & post-appointment instructions
  • Appointment reminders
  • Feedback and ratings
  • Emergency alerts
  • Lab result notifications
  • Health screening reminders
  • Medication adherence
  • Wellness campaigns

Gain more insight into SMS marketing use cases here.


Ensuring patient data privacy in SMS marketing within healthcare involves several key steps:

  • Choose a HIPAA-compliant SMS platform.
  • Use an SMS platform, like EZ Texting, offering end-to-end encryption and secure data storage.
  • Always obtain customer or patient consent before sending any SMS communications.
  • Avoid sending messages that include sensitive patient identifiers.
  • Do not share detailed medical information through SMS.
  • Secure access to their SMS marketing accounts with strong passwords.
  • Train staff on the importance of patient data privacy and security in SMS communications.
  • Regularly audit and monitor SMS communications to identify any unauthorized activities.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) significantly impacts SMS text marketing in healthcare. It mandates strict standards to ensure the confidentiality, security, and privacy of customers’ or patients' sensitive health information when communicating electronically, including text messages.

Learn more about SMS HIPAA compliance here.


Additional best practices for using SMS marketing in healthcare include:

  • Targeted Messaging: Send relevant messages tailored to patient preferences, ensuring engagement and relevance.
  • Opt-Out Option: Provide patients with an easy way to opt out of SMS communications if they choose to (SafeSTOP®).
  • Clear Call to Action: Clearly state the desired action in the SMS, like confirming appointments or clicking a link for more information.
  • Consider Timing: Send messages during appropriate hours to avoid inconveniencing patients. Respect time zones and local regulations.
  • Audit and Monitoring: Regularly audit SMS communications and monitor engagement metrics to assess the effectiveness of campaigns.