Media Library for Powerful MMS Texting Images

Bring your texts to life with a library of 20 million-plus professional images and a dynamic image editor, powered by Shutterstock. Upgrade your mobile marketing by searching, editing, and sharing world-class MMS images without ever leaving EZ Texting.

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What is the Shutterstock x EZ Texting Editor?

The EZ Texting Media Library allows you to quickly and conveniently find photos or illustrations, import logos or clip art, add copy, and edit MMS images all without leaving the app. Our robust image editor and professional photo collection — powered by Shutterstock, the world’s leading image library — was created to help you boost customer engagement and capture the fullness of your brand’s story.

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91 percent

of buyers prefer visual content
rather than traditional formats

60 000x faster

free, professional
shutterstock photos

80 percent

of marketing campaigns rely
heavily on visual content

68 percent

increase in engagement
provided by MMS messaging

How Businesses are Using the EZ Texting Media Library

How business

Promotional Text Messages & Campaigns

Spice up your text marketing campaigns with countless top-quality images, videos, and animations direct from Shutterstock.

Mobile Coupons, Promo Codes & Special Offers

Keep customers engaged with colorful imagery and give them a reason to keep coming back.

Event Invitations & Reminders

Create excitement with visual aids for your next event or appointment.

What are the Benefits of the Media Library?

edit images

Edit professional MMS images
without leaving EZ Texting

icon resize

Images automatically resize to fit
any mobile device

icon templates

Kickstart your designs with
customizable templates

mms compaign

It’s never been easier to send
professional MMS campaigns

A Picture is Worth 250% More

Powered by Shutterstock, EZ Texting’s media library and MMS image editor gives you the power to create captivating images that can boost engagement by as much as 250%. See how easy it is to get started.

What Industries are Using the Text Media Library?

Retail & Ecommerce

Whether you’re selling clothes or cars, it’s likely this is truly a case of a picture being worth a thousand words. Make a bigger impact with an MMS.


Entice your contacts to dine-in or order delivery with delicious MMS images of special menu items or house favorites.

Wedding Services

Keep attendees excited and informed by showcasing everything from menu items to special moments, all leading up to the big day (and beyond).

Religious Organizations

Faith-based organizations can better serve their members by sending MMS messages to drive both mobile engagement and IRL involvement.

Professional Services

Legal firms, accountants, and other professional services businesses can stay top-of-mind with customers by sending eye-catching MMS messages.


Gyms, fitness centers, salons, and yoga studios can all get a boost to their bottom line by sending professional MMS messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Adding images to your text messages is easy. When you begin composing a new message you’ll see an “add media” icon beneath the composition field. Click that icon and you’ll be able to add your own image or search our library of over 20 million professional Shutterstock images and choose one that best fits your message. You can then edit and add copy to your image using the MMS image editor.



You can upload clip art to be used as your primary image and use the image editor to edit the image and add your own copy. You can also upload clip art to be used within the editor as a layer on top of your primary image, just as you can with your business logo.



Text messages that include a photo (or video) are called MMS messages. Learn more about MMS text messages here.



As you’re creating your text message you’ll be able to click on the “Add Media” icon below the composition field. You’ll be able to add your own image to your message or choose one of over 20 million professional images provided by Shutterstock, one of the world’s largest image libraries. You can then use the Shutterstock image editor to create high-quality MMS images for your messaging.



The Shutterstock media library and professional image editor are available to EZ Texting customers subscribed to the Essentials, Premium, or Custom plans, starting as low as $29/month. For more information refer to our pricing page.



Yes! Images you use from the Shutterstock media library are fully editable using the image editor. For more information watch the video below: