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What Is MMS?

MMS stands for "Multimedia Messaging Service.” It was built using the same technology as SMS, and allows users to send multimedia content. MMS messages can include pictures, animated GIFs, contacts, and audio and video files. They can improve engagement rates by as much as 250%.

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93 percent

of all human information
is visual in nature.

60 000x faster

- how much faster we
process images vs text.

80 percent

of marketing campaigns rely
heavily on visual content.

68 percent

of marketers reported planning
to increase use of visuals.

MMS Photo Library & MMS Image Editor Powered by Shutterstock

We’ve partnered with Shutterstock, the world’s leading image library, to help you tell your brand’s story and boost your customer engagement. Create professional MMS text campaigns in minutes with the new premium royalty free image library and dynamic image editor.
Free Premium Shutterstock Images

Access a high-resolution royalty free image library of 20M+ photos — all fully customizable and all at your fingertips.

Powerful Image Editor

Use the comprehensive image editor to create branded promotions, invitations, announcements, and more - the possibilities are endless. Start with a Shutterstock image or upload your own, then edit and add copy to make your MMS image stand out.

Text Message Design Templates

No need to be a design wiz to get the most out of these tools. Jumpstart your designs by choosing from hundreds of customizable templates that fit all your marketing needs.

Why You Need MMS Marketing


words impact

Nothing grabs attention like
an eye-catching image.


words shares

Sending MMS messages
can boost shares as much as 8X.


words ROI

We’re wired to be visual, use that to your advantage to drive ROI.


words engagment

MMS messaging can drive up to
250% more engagement.

Getting Started with MMS Texting for Your Business

Step 1

Plan Your Message

Composing an MMS message is just as easy as writing an SMS. Just remember to compose a message that works in concert with your imagery.

  • Log into your EZ Texting account.
  • Gather your message details.
  • Write your message.

Step 2

Pick & Edit Your Image

MMS files can be chosen from our royalty free Shutterstock image library or files uploaded from your computer.

  • Select or upload an image.
  • Add text and edit your image.
  • Save your image.

Step 3

Send & Track Your MMS Message

After you’ve sent your message, check your Reporting dashboard to see how it performed. Let consumer behavior help guide future strategy.

  • Navigate to reporting.
  • Check click-through rates and more.
  • Manage multiple accounts.
  • Adjust based on click behavior.

The Only MMS Service Provider Powered by Shutterstock

Boost your text campaign engagement with the power of Shutterstock’s royalty free image and dynamic image editor. Get more from your branded promotions, brand openings, training events, and more.

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EZ Texting & Shutterstock Can Amplify Your Engagement

We’ve partnered with Shutterstock, the world’s leading image library, to help you tell your brand story and boost your customer engagement. Create professional MMS text campaigns in minutes with the new premium royalty free photo library and dynamic image editor.

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MMS Drives Engagement, No Matter Your Industry


Healthcare organizations can use MMS to grab patient attention when sending important appointment reminders, safety or procedural notifications, and payment reminders.

Fitness & Gyms

Fitness centers, gyms, and yoga studios can all benefit from including energetic and aspirational imagery in their messages. Fill classes faster, share fitness tips, and more using MMS messaging.

Professional Services

Life insurance agents, tax prep firms, and lawyers can improve client services and drive new business by adding MMS picture and video messaging to important alerts, notifications, and lead acquisition messages.

Higher Education

Text is one of the most effective ways to reach students and adding MMS can supercharge engagement. Attract new applicants, engage alumni, and build better student relationships with MMS Marketing.

Marketing Agencies

Offer what other agencies haven’t caught onto yet — an innovative way to reach consumers and improve campaign performance. MMS messaging can “wow” clients and customers alike while driving more engagement than ever.

Property Management

Improve your overall lead conversion by building a list of qualified applicants via texting for property management. Then use MMS picture and video messaging to showcase and convert more properties faster than ever.

Retail & Ecommerce

From driving foot traffic and boosting sales to automating exceptional customer experiences, Text communications is key to retail marketing success in 2022, and MMS is your secret weapon. Showcase dynamic product photography or share informational videos, MMS messaging drives more engagement than SMS alone.

Our Customers Love MMS Marketing with EZ Texting

Jann Parker of Billings Livestock Commision is just one of our many EZ Texting customers that loves using MMS to send dynamic images and videos to her subscribers. She sees results instantly, and your business can too!

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Frequently Asked Questions


An MMS text message is any message that either exceeds the 160-character limit or includes other media such as a picture or video. An MMS marketing campaign can include a picture text, a video text, a text message with an animated GIF, or a written text message that's too long for SMS.



Sending an MMS message costs 3 credits. While an SMS message may cost less at 1 credit per message, it’s worth considering your business, your products, and your strategy when considering sending an MMS versus an SMS — humans are visual by nature and adding an image or video consistently drives more engagement.



You can upload a JPG, GIF, PNG, WAV, MP3, 3GP, or MP4 file. If you would like to upload an MP4 (video) file it is important to make sure that the size of it is no larger than 5MB. It’s often best to send links to video files as larger files attached to messages will not be sent. MMS files can be chosen from our royalty free Shutterstock image library, photos or video taken by a mobile device, or files uploaded from your computer.



SMS messages are shorter and better suited for alerts, notifications, and other brief messaging, whereas the visual power of MMS is perfectly suited for dazzling your audience with product shots, new car models at an auto dealer, and any instance where you really want people to take notice. For more, see our article SMS vs. MMS: What’s the Difference?.



That all depends on the number of messages you plan to send. One SMS message costs 1 credit, while one MMS message costs 3 credits. If you know how many opted-in contacts you have, simply multiply by three for the rough cost of sending one MMS message. Want to send multiple MMS messages in a campaign? Simply multiply the new number by the number of messages you plan to send.



Absolutely! We offer a number of colorful, free MMS templates that you can use to add some kick to your messages. You’ll find MMS templates for “thank you,” birthday, and holiday messaging at our MMS templates page.