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Build a brand identity, leverage list-building features, go national, and send to one person or thousands with a toll-free texting number.

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What Is Toll-Free Texting?

Most commonly used for sales, support, and marketing purposes, a textable toll-free number begins with a toll-free area code (such as 800, 888, 866, or 844) and allows a business or organization to project professionalism and command the presence of a trusted national brand.

68 percent

Easily Identifiable Private
Number for Your Business

68 percent

Toll-Free Numbers Project
Presence of a Large Brand

68 percent

Fully Compatible with
Automation & Keywords

84 percent

of consumers said businesses with a toll-free number seem more reputable

60 000x faster

of consumers want to initiate conversations with businesses via text message

80 percent

lift in response rates seen in advertising that includes a toll-free number

68 percent

of Americans have used a toll-free numbers to contact a brand

Compare Toll-Free Numbers to 10-Digit Long Code Options

Messages per Minute
Customer Pricing Recommendation

Free trial

10DLC Unregistered
Up to 45
Included (free trial)
Toll-Free Numbers*
Up to 100


(A2P Lite)
Up to 45

Included (after subscription)

Included for all customers w 10DLC (excluding Trial customers)

High-Volume Number

(A2P Verified)
Up to 720

A2P Verified Bus/EIN = $25/mo; (Included in Premium Plan)

*Competition is charging pass-through or asking customers to DIY

A2P Vetted

(EZ holding off on being first to adopt. Awaiting insights from others prior to full implementation)
Up to 3,600
$90 external verification fee + $25/mo
(recurring fee included for Premium Plan)

* Note: Toll-free numbers do have delivery issues and we recommend trying a textable number alternative if you have concerns regarding reaching multiple contacts across several carriers.

How to Get a Toll-Free Number

How to Get
Step 1

Create Your Account

Set up your account and start your free trial in minutes
Step 2

Choose Your Plan

Pick the EZ Texting plan that works best for your business
Step 3

Contact Us

Reach out and we’ll work with you to pick a number

Toll-Free Texting Benefits


Project Professionalism

Toll-free numbers convey the trust and confidence of a national brand onto your business or organization.

Critical Keywords

With your own toll-free number you’re free to use any Keyword you want to drive your list-building and campaigns.

Get Started Fast

EZ Texting has a repository of toll-free phone numbers that can be allocated to your account in about a day.

Full MMS Support

Toll-free texting fully supports MMS picture and video messaging for more engaging messages.

Automation Compatibility

Streamline your efforts by setting up automation features — all available for use with toll-free numbers.

National Campaigns

Toll-free numbers can boost engagement during nation-wide campaigns, growing your business or organization.

Retail & Ecommerce

Having a national brand presence can lead to more sales when you make the switch to a toll-free number.


Drive volunteerism from around across the country with the national presence of a toll-free number.


A toll-free number can help build your business by establishing a strong national presence.

Religious Organizations

A toll-free textable number can help grow your church and provides a safe number for people to reach out to.

Professional Services

Give new and old customers alike the confidence that a toll-free number can provide for your business.


Improve customer service by making it safe for customers to easily contact you with any questions or concerns.


Why Choose EZ Texting for Toll-Free SMS Numbers?


Toll-Free Texting Made Easy doesn’t call our texting platform the “Easiest to Use” for no reason. Go from set up to send in minutes!

Trusted SMS Leaders

EZ Texting has the best carrier relationships in the business and a track-record of putting the customer first.

Simplified Plan Pricing

Powerful SMS features come with each pricing plan, designed to fit the needs of businesses just like yours.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! A text-enabled toll-free number can both send and receive SMS and MMS text messages.



A toll-free number requires a manual set up and costs $25/mo. If you’re interested in a toll-free number please contact us.



Text messaging is a guaranteed way to boost your customer service by connecting to your audience in a fast, convenient, and engaging way. And adding a toll-free number can add an extra sense of security for your customers.



Yes! You can send SMS and MMS picture messages through a toll-free number.



Yes! You can port your current toll-free number from your current texting provider, or if it does not already receive text messages, you can text enable it with us within the account. Contact customer support for additional help with this.



A short code is a 5- or 6-digit number that you can purchase with the primary benefit being an easy to remember number great for use with additional list-building tools, like Keywords. All 10-digit long code numbers are stable, can be upgraded for faster sending speeds, and are great for local businesses. Meanwhile, toll-free numbers (800, 833, 855, etc.) have the primary benefit of presenting a national presence to your business.