Getting Started with
EZ Texting SMS Marketing

It’s easy: create an account, add your contacts, and start texting! EZ Texting’s text marketing platform empowers businesses to simplify communication with customers, leads, teammates, clients, students, and more.

Text Message Marketing

Instant & Affordable Reach That Delights Customers

SMS and MMS messaging’s 98% open rates help businesses drastically boost audience engagement while improving nearly every touchpoint of the customer experience through automated and personalized text marketing.

Mass Upload Contacts

Include columns for names, phone numbers, and any additional relevant information.

Add Contacts to a Group

Add individual contacts to a Group by name and phone number, or import new contacts from an existing list.

Add Contacts Manually

Include name, phone number, and add additional information like email address, address, or birthday, along with custom fields as needed.

Contacts via Keywords

Choose a Keyword that your contacts will text to a specific phone number to opt-in or subscribe to your SMS list.

Send a Message

Nurture connection with Contact Groups through bulk text messages, one-to-one messages, or drip campaigns.

Replying to Messages

Navigate to the message or conversation you want to reply to, open it, then click inside the text box or click the “Reply” button.
Try an easier, more cost effective way to stay
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EZ Texting Customer Text Marketing Stats

Very Satisfied with EZ Texting’s Ease of Use
Sign up with Little-to-No Text Marketing Experience
Say EZ Texting’s Important to Their Organizations
Young people don’t really check emails. When we try to reach out by email we don’t usually hear back. Texting, we get an immediate response.
Bonnie LaCorte
VP of Student Engagement Ohio
Technical College
Ohio Technical College

Texting Marketing 101

Anatomy of a SMS Marketing Text

One of the best parts about text marketing is that it’s simple. You’re probably already familiar with the anatomy of text messages from your personal texting, but here’s a refresher on the integral parts of each text message you send from the EZ Texting SMS Marketing platform.
Your EZ Number
An exclusive 10-digit long code or dedicated short code representing your business or organization sending a text message.
Indicates when the message was sent. EZ Texting allows you to schedule messages or set up auto-responders.
Message Body
The actual content of the text message where your business conveys its intended information through slim, muscular text.
Your Business Name
EZ Texting’s SMS marketing platform allows you to attach multimedia files, such as images, gifs, or documents, to your text messages. These attachments can be included to provide additional context or information.
Message Thread
In a conversation that involves multiple text messages, the messages are often organized into a thread or chat history. This allows for a chronological view of the conversation, making it easier to follow and respond to previous messages.
Delivery Status
This can include indications such as “sent,” “delivered,” or “read,” depending on your carrier’s messaging terms.

It’s Easy to Start, Send & Scale
with EZ Texting

With EZ Texting … I can see a direct correlation between the leads I get and the text that I’m actually generating.”
Lee & Associates
Brad McCoy
Principal Lee & Associates Real Estate Brokerage Firm