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What are SMS Keywords?

An SMS Keyword is a unique term (composed of letters and/or numbers) that people can send to a textable phone number or dedicated short code (such as 858585) to join a text subscriber list or request access to information. Keywords are an extremely powerful tool when it comes to building a contact list. They allow you to send out bulk texts with promotions, alerts, notifications, or other information.

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Stat 98

of all mobile users read texts within the first 3 minutes of receipt

Stat 90

of customers use mobile devices to discover new brands and products

Stat 86

of Consumers say their mobile device is usually or always within reach

Stat 75

of consumers say they feel curious when they receive a new text

Why You Need SMS Keywords


words shares

Attention-grabbing passwords translate into higher opt-in rates. A memorable Keyword makes it easy for your audience to subscribe to your text messages.


words shares

Select relevant, on-brand keywords to optimize growth. Impressions count! Keep Keywords on-brand and related to your business.


words ROI

Create multiple keywords to categorize opt-ins. Automatically organize subscribers via selected Keywords based on interests, locations and more.

How to Use SMS Keywords

Text Coupons & Promo Codes

When your customers text in to receive a coupon or promotion, you also collect their phone number, which you can then use for future marketing campaigns.

Event Registrations

Whether you are registering exhibitors, coordinating attendee rosters, sending real-time venue updates, or just seeking valuable post-event feedback — SMS Keywords can make your event organization and execution easier.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a mutually beneficial way to grow your list of opt-ins. And Keywords are an easy way to make that list a reality and elevate your loyalty plans.

For Sale Signage

Capture the attention of new customers and grow your contact list at the same time when you combine the power of SMS Keywords with your signage.

Property Rental Inquiries

Streamline resident communications, confirm apartment showings, and generate qualified leads with SMS Keywords.

Job Inquiries & Applications

Attract more qualified applicants and boost talent acquisition with SMS Keyword campaigns and two-way texting to streamline candidate follow up.

Watch How SMS Keywords Can Propel Your Business

Catch SMS keywords in action as part of a text marketing campaign.

What Industries are Using SMS Keywords?

Marketing Agencies

Use SMS Keywords to attract new customers and retain existing accounts by offering a more comprehensive omnichannel marketing approach.

Retail & Ecommerce

SMS Keywords make it easy to meet your customers where they are — on their phones. Start with a discount promo to build your list and watch sales and engagement grow.

Real Estate

Harness the power of SMS Keywords for real estate to sell more properties, amass a huge SMS contact list, better serve clients, and gain a competitive edge.

Property Management

Generate quality leads, fill vacancies faster, and confirm apartment showings with SMS Keywords for property management.


Streamline ordering, delivery, and pickup, and increase food and beverage sales with SMS Keywords for restaurants.

Salons & Spas

Grow your customer base and breathe new life into your client communications with SMS Keywords for beauty salons and spas.

Bars & Nightclubs

SMS Keywords for bars and nightlife will help you generate buzz, attract new clientele, and keep loyal VIPs feeling rewarded.

Fitness & Gyms

SMS Keywords for fitness centers and gyms can boost lead generation, reach clients more quickly, and streamline the sign-up process.

Pet Care

From pet boarding and doggy daycare to pet grooming and dog walking, SMS Keywords can help you grow your pet care business.

HR Teams

From recruiting and onboarding to two-way employee messaging and critical text alerts, SMS Keywords for HR teams is the secret weapon powering many employee operations.


Frequently Asked Questions


A Keyword is a unique term (composed of letters and/or numbers) that people can text to a specific phone number to join a text subscriber list; organizations can use Keywords to build text message lists.



Keywords are unlimited for all EZ Texting plans. Find out more about our plans and pricing here.


As long as you are texting from a dedicated short code, local number, or toll-free number, you can have an unlimited number of keywords for use in marketing campaigns.



Setting up a keyword text is simple as selecting “New Demo Keyword” and following step by step prompts.

So for example:

  • Step 1 - Market your Keyword to prospective customers.
  • Step 2 - Prospects opt in to receive text messages.
  • Step 3 - Follow up with messages that drive action.


A short code is a five- or six-digit number dedicated to your business that you can use to create an effective text message marketing campaign. By pairing your dedicated short code with a specific Keyword, you can create a short code text message for your customers to opt in to.

For example, if your dedicated short code is 858585 and you pair it with the Keyword MAYDEALS, your customers can text that keyword to that short code (MAYDEALS to 858585) and join your subscriber list.


The SMS short code approval process will be a little different depending on which type of short code you want to use. Whether you to should go with a vanity or random short code will depend on your goals. A vanity code may have repeating sequences or specific numbers that make it more memorable, whereas a random code is an off-the-shelf option that does not require a special order.