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There are “best practices,” and then there are “essential practices,” like SMS compliance. We make it easy with SafeSTOP®.

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Safe Stop

Safety Made Simple

With 2.2 billion messages sent in the US in 2020, texting is the most popular communication channel. And just like email, there are a few simple rules that marketers and business owners need to follow when sending text marketing messages.

That’s why we created SafeSTOP®.

SafeSTOP® offers consumers a simple, secure process for opting out of text messages, reporting unwanted messaging, and setting preferences for future communications.

The most comprehensive opt-out compliance tool in the text marketing industry, SafeSTOP® is for smart businesses focused on customer-centric messaging practices.

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Dedicated Team

With a dedicated Carrier Operations team and strong relationships with the top carriers, EZ Texting is the #1 choice for conscientious business owners who want to offer their customers the best protection.


Industry Leader

With over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications space, EZ Texting is passionate about creating a safer, more secure mobile messaging environment for you and your audience.

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Why EZ Texting Leads the Industry in SMS Compliance

Compliance Pioneers

EZ Texting was the first to embed built-in opt-in/opt-out logic within a self-service platform. Today, our software goes above and beyond TCPA and government regulations to help you grow your text messaging contact list in a compliant manner.

Industry Leadership

We have been heavily involved in developing the CTIA’s Messaging Principles, best practices, and M3AAWG’s Mobile Messaging Best Practices for Service Providers.

Dedicated Team

We take customer compliance so seriously that we have an entire in-house team dedicated to messaging security and compliance.

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How to Send Compliant Text Messages 
with EZ Texting

At EZ Texting, we take compliance seriously. See how our industry-leading tools and resources can help ensure you’re texting in a compliant and responsible way.

EZ Texting Compliance Features & Benefits

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Intelligent Monitoring

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, messages are automatically reviewed for spam, phishing, and other inappropriate content. We aim to find problems early so that we can work with our customers to make the necessary edits before they are received by subscribers.
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Human Oversight

We have manual review processes in place to help prevent content violations. While our customers are ultimately legally responsible for message content, we take steps to help prevent errors and educate our customers on legal constraints.
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Double Opt-In

Double opt-ins are required in certain situations, such as when sending age-gated content. We make it available to all of our clients as an additional safeguard to prevent sending inappropriate or unwanted messages.
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Simplified Opt-Outs

Built-in logic automatically removes a contact from all future communications when they text "STOP" to your registered phone number. This keeps you compliant without requiring you to remove the contact manually.
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Automated Disclosure

When a subscriber opts into your campaign using a Keyword, we immediately provide them with the legally required disclosures on message content and frequency. There is no additional work on your part.
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Identity Verification

We help you verify your identity and build user trust by including your company name in text messages.
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Compliance Consulting

We provide access to in-house compliance specialists who can offer an overview of compliance best practices as well as answer any questions you may have.

SMS Compliance for

Marketing Agencies

Agencies can activate SafeSTOP® with just one click to quickly add TCPA compliant language to your client’s outgoing messages.


Drive more compliant interactions with customers using SafeSTOP®. Just one click adds TCPA compliant language to all your automotive marketing messages.

Higher Education

One lesson worth taking to heart? Compliance matters. Use SafeSTOP® to add TCPA compliance language to your higher education marketing messages.

Real Estate

Real estate agents and agencies can use EZ Texting’s simple SafeSTOP® to keep contact lists fresh and stay compliant with TCPA laws.


Keep your messaging compliant while you keep the donations pouring in by using EZ Texting’s simple SafeSTOP® feature.

Retail & Ecommerce

Happy customers spend more. Keep your list up-to-date and full of high-value contacts using SafeSTOP® TCPA compliant opt-out messaging.


Keep your messaging compliant — SafeSTOP® ensures your messaging adheres to TCPA guidelines, making your messages safer for your community. 

Education (K-12)

Pop quiz! What’s the easiest way to add TCPA compliant language to your text messaging? EZ Texting’s SafeSTOP®.

Industry - Marketing Agencies

Frequently Asked Questions

In practice, the SMS compliance rules put forth in the TCPA act mostly align with best practices, which means there’s more than one reason you want to adhere to them as they help keep your opt ins from becoming opt outs.

But if that’s not enough incentive to adhere to compliance rules the TCPA law offers more in the form of fines and penalties, including a $500-$1500 fine for every instance of a message sent to people who have not properly opted in to receive your messages.

The TCPA act takes violations very seriously. How seriously? Texting consumers who did not give expressed written authorization to receive your messages can cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per incident.

The CTIA rule known as SHAFT prohibits businesses and organizations from sending content on the topics of sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, and tobacco. This applies to messages and promotions sent as part of your text marketing program. Violating the SHAFT rule could put your business at risk of losing text marketing privileges.

Easy. Visit our knowledge base article on compliance, or head straight to the source and read the TCPA act for yourself on the FCC site.

Compliance rules and regulations for the text marketing industry are ultimately determined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commision (FTC), but as a contributing member of M3AAWG, CFCA, CTIA and CWTA’s Content Innovation Committee, EZ Texting advocates for industry guidelines that encourage positive engagement through messaging best practices.