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Turn Texts Into
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A feature-rich, multi-seat SMS inbox and AI text response generator allows your team to realize ROI and respond to customer support inquiries faster than ever.

What is Team Inbox with AI Reply?

Team Inbox allows for robust and efficient collaboration, while AI Reply adds an additional layer of response speed and consistency that turns text campaigns into SMS conversations and ROI.

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Team Inbox is a powerful and versatile inbox that allows you and your team to connect with more inbound leads than ever, collaborate on SMS conversations, and drive conversions and customer satisfaction through faster response times.

  • 5X your team’s productivity with assigning, sorting, and filtering tools.
  • Collaboratively handle lead generation and customer inquiries.
  • Empower your audience and teams to converse over SMS.

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AI Reply is a generative AI engine that takes Team Inbox to the next level. AI Reply scans your knowledge base (or other web content) to surface fast, contextual SMS responses, powering new levels of speed and productivity.

  • Improve customer support and satisfaction with faster responses.
  • Boost productivity and scale quickly while maintaining client satisfaction.
  • Use AI Reply to quickly turn SMS conversations into ROI conversions.

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consumers expect a response from a business in 15 minutes

Benefits of a Collaborative SMS Inbox & AI Reply

Centralized Communication

One inbox for all messages makes it easy for team members to manage SMS conversations, reducing the risk of lost messages.

Enhanced Productivity

Assign, sort, and filter functions, along with the lightning-fast response time of AI Reply, combine to drive new levels of productivity.

Rapid Response Times

AI-powered replies ensure customers receive instant responses to inquiries, reducing wait times and boosting customer satisfaction.

Realize ROI Faster

Send one-to-many SMS marketing campaigns to drive demand and close the deal with one-to-one conversational texts.

Reimagine Customer Satisfaction

Delight your customers with faster response times, enhanced messaging consistency, and improved personalization.

Happier Teams

Collaborative tools have even enhanced employee retention, reducing turnover by as much as 50%.
The main benefit I am seeing is that we are now turning
these texts into conversations.
Jonathan Clark
Principle - Omnia Mechanical Group

How to Use Team Inbox & AI Reply

Nurture Leads Faster Than Ever

Communicate with your audience on the channel they prefer and drive your SMS conversations from one-to-many to one-to-one to signed, sealed, delivered.

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5X Response Time to Customer Inquiries

Team Inbox and AI Reply have the power to dramatically improve your response time to incoming customer inquiries, from message routing to instant content recall and generation.


Streamline Employee Messaging

From recruiting and onboarding new employees to efficient dispatch and scheduling, Team Inbox makes fast work of employee messaging, regardless of company size.

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Frequently Asked Questions


There is no limit to the number of team members (or seats) using Team Inbox within your account.



One Team Inbox seat is included with each plan. Teammates can be added at $10 per user, per month



A real-time assistant, AI Reply supplies your team with consistent and fast responses from your help center or other documentation.



Supports pdf, doc(x), and other text file types



  • Personalization
  • Add note to conversation



AI Compose and AI Reply are two distinct features. AI Compose leverages generative AI to craft engaging group text messages. It helps you create content for your SMS marketing campaigns. On the other hand, AI Reply is a two-way generative AI feature within Team Inbox designed to enhance customer engagement by responding to inquiries with speed and personalization. While both use AI-generated text message technology, they serve different purposes within the EZ Texting platform.