Your business may fall into the small-business category, but that doesn’t make the challenges associated with running it less complicated than if it were a larger enterprise.

As a small-business owner, you often have the same responsibilities as larger companies, but often with less resources to accomplish it all. Not only do you have to create promotions, book appointments, market products, and engage with customers, but often, you’re expected to do so on a more intimate and personalized level.

It’s safe to say you have a lot on your plate as a small business owner. And now, maybe you’ve noticed your sales pipeline has dried up or your contact list has become a bit of a ghost town.

As an industry-leading text marketing provider, we know a thing or two about righting that ship. We hear from thousands of small businesses facing the challenge of a withering sales pipeline who come to us for advice. Text marketing helps them refresh and grow their customer base while rejuvenating their sales pipeline.

From retail businesses and nonprofit organizations, to real estate and restaurants, text marketing is used by more small businesses than ever before. Is your business next?


The Master's Guide to SMS Marketing for Small Business

SMS Marketing for Small Business

As an industry-leading text marketing provider, we believe Short Message Service (SMS) marketing is the solution small businesses need to build their customer base and grow their sales pipeline.

We believe this because we know SMS marketing for small businesses is a proven and cost-effective method for driving increased sales and conversions. When you partner with an SMS service like EZ Texting, you are securing an easy and affordable way of reaching your customers.

Nearly everyone has a mobile device. If their phone is not currently in their hand, it is surely nearby. This means, when you send customers an SMS text message, that communication is (literally) within reach. In fact, more than 90% of text messages are opened within the first three minutes of receipt. Gone are the days of marketing emails getting lost in overflowing inboxes and spam folders.

From transportation and education, to dealerships and pet care, small businesses across all industry types are using text marketing more than ever before. Is your business next? Contact EZ Texting to start your trial today!

Ready to Get Started with EZ Texting?

Getting Started with SMS Marketing

Launching your first text marketing program is easy. In fact, it only takes a few minutes. Follow these simple steps to kick start your small business SMS marketing strategy.

1. Sign Up for an SMS Solution

To start, begin by signing up with an SMS platform, such as EZ Texting. Once you’ve joined, you’ll have all the messaging tools you need at your fingertips.

2. Receive Permission

Before you start messaging current and prospective customers, they must first agree to receive SMS marketing from you (see our five compliance tips below for more information). Click-to-join widgets, keywords, and short codes offer easy ways for customers to opt in and subscribe.

Click-to-Join Sample SMS Message

Click-to-Join Widgets

Many small businesses owners and marketers add click-to-join widgets to their websites, email signatures, and social media channels. When customers enter their names and cellphone numbers into the field provided, they’re permitting you to send them marketing messages.

Keyword Flash Sale


A Keyword is a unique term (composed of letters and/or numbers) that people use to communicate with your small business. Example: JOIN

Short Code 858585

Short Code

Your SMS platform can provide you with a Short Code, which is a five- or six-digit number. When your customers want to subscribe, they can simply text that Keyword to your short code.

There are some distinct short code variations including, shared, dedicated, and vanity. Example: 858585

3. Start Sending Messages

Once you’ve gathered a list of subscribers who have opted in, you’re all set to begin sending text messages. From here, you can send out everything from sales promotions and event notifications, to appointment reminders and order confirmations.

Benefits of SMS Marketing


    SMS messages are limited to 160 characters max. It doesn’t take an exorbitant amount of time to develop or read a text message. In today’s fast-paced world of short attention spans, text marketing gives your small business a serious advantage.

    The text message application is one of the most frequently checked applications on users’ phones. By comparison, most email inboxes are only checked once or twice per day, and emails sent from small businesses are often filtered out automatically. Essentially, SMS messages give you direct access to your customers.

    Most text message marketing providers make it simple and easy to access data related to texts delivered, contact count, and more. The savviest text message marketers analyze this data to make simple adjustments to future text campaigns.

    Sending text messages to current and prospective customers helps boost sales. In fact, 50% of consumers make a purchase after receiving SMS marketing.

    Small business SMS marketing gets your company on the map. When your customers receive messages about your business, they become more knowledgeable and interested in your brand, products, mission, events, and more.

    SMS marketing can increase traffic. After all, the more your customers know about your brand, the more inclined they’ll be to visit your small business online and in person. In 2019, mobile phones generated 52.6% of worldwide online traffic.

    One perk of running a small business is that you can build close relationships with your customers—and SMS marketing can help you maintain those connections. SMS messages let you have two-way conversations with your customers, which can enhance the customer service experience, increase trust in your brand, and encourage customer loyalty.

    SMS messaging provides you with an easy avenue for nurturing and converting leads. You can encourage subscribers to visit your website (or in-store location), join your events, and take advantage of your sales.In turn, this can convert prospective customers into long-term loyalists.

    Your SMS platform lets you integrate other apps, from your project management software to your CRM, so everything is easily accessible where and when you need it.

SMS Marketing Rules and Regulations

tips icon

5 Compliance Tips from the CTIA

  1. No Unsolicited Messages
  2. Use Proper Opt-In Methods
  3. Explain Your Recurring Text Program
  4. Allow Customers to Opt Out Easily
  5. Your Content Must Be Appropriate

As you know, text marketing is a permission-based activity. Additionally, small businesses are subject to the rules and regulations of the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). These rules and regulations are intended to prevent spamming and protect personal privacy. The Mobile Marketing Association has produced a Code of Conduct that condenses TCPA into a series of best practices for text marketing. Additionally, EZ Texting offers compliance tips for small businesses.

Furthermore, text marketing for small businesses is also subject to the rules of the companies that carry and deliver SMS messages. The CITA stipulates that SMS marketing must not contain content such as profanity, pornography, or hate speech. This organization will also prevent the delivery of any small business texting campaign that endorses illegal drug use or violence.

Experience the Benefits of SMS Marketing with EZ Texting

8 Step Roadmap

Is your small business ready to implement a solid marketing and sales solution? Then it’s time to take advantage of text message marketing for small businesses with EZ Texting.

As a recognized leader in SMS marketing services for small businesses, we have helped more than 165,000 businesses just like yours. In minutes, you’ll have everything you need to get started!

To begin your text marketing journey, we recommend downloading our quick-start guide: The 8-Step Roadmap to Mastering Text Message Marketing. Then contact us to find out even more about our SMS solutions and pricing for small businesses.

Because small business SMS marketing gives you direct access to your customers, you not only increase the number of eyes on your content, but the two-way messaging feature allows you to have one-on-one conversations. This ability to engage with your customers can help you improve your customer service experience, increase customer acquisition, and further drum up interest in your brand and products.

SMS Texting for Marketing & Sales

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