Managed Accounts

Send text campaigns on behalf of clients you manage or set up your franchise locations with access to individual texting accounts with Managed Accounts.

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What are Managed Accounts with EZ Texting?

Managed Accounts is a feature within the EZ Texting platform that allows you to create and manage multiple EZ Texting accounts under one corporate or agency "parent" account. This enables you to send text campaigns and generate reports on behalf of a client or franchise location without having to juggle multiple logins and passwords.

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Manage Multiple Client Accounts

Manage Multiple Client Accounts

Create an agency account with one or more client accounts nested underneath that you can manage on their behalf.

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Streamline Workflow

Capture account metrics and real-time reporting without having to log into multiple accounts.

Save on High Volume Plans Icon

Save on High Volume Plans

Purchase a bundle of messaging credits at a bulk discount and allocate amongst individual client and franchise location accounts.

Marketing Agencies

Securely share login credentials with team members and clients to boost productivity and streamline text strategies and execution.


Easily and safely manage accounts for each of your property management, auto, restaurant, or retail locations.

Property Management

Optimize messaging by facilitating greater connectivity to fitness, restaurant, spa, or real estate franchise partners and managers.

How-To Use Managed Accounts

See how the Managed Accounts feature unlocks new opportunities for client-based, franchise, and multi-location businesses by streamlining text management for all.


Frequently Asked Questions


Of course! With the Managed Accounts feature, you can send text campaigns on behalf of clients or set up your franchise locations with unique accounts based on location. When logged into the corporate or admin account, you can simply switch to any child account to send messages, create a campaign, view reports, and more.



There is no limit to the number of sub-accounts you can add to your account.



Yes, we offer three pre-set permission levels that you can set for each individual contributor.



While there is no limit to the number of sub-accounts you can add, the Managed Accounts feature is only available to EZ Texting users on a Premium or Custom pricing plan.