How to REACH MORE CUSTOMERS with Text Blasts

SMS text blast software is the easiest and fastest way to share short bursts of valuable information with an entire audience, whether at home or on the go. Leveraging and user-focused EZ Texting features like content segmentation, message templates, and Shutterstock images saves businesses heaps of time during outreach while slicing through the noise of other marketing channels.
Watch now and learn more about text blasts and how they can help grow your business outpace the competition, and nurture more relationships at scale.

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Using Text Blasts to Quickly Reach Your Audience Learn how text blast service works for businesses. A text blast is an SMS text message sent from a single source to a large group of people simultaneously and has been identified as the most effective way for businesses to connect with customers.

Connect with More People Using Text Blast Services Despite smartphone ownership in the US doubling in the past five years, there are many people who still do not have access to Mobile Internet Devices (about 102 million at last count).
However, 98% of the population does have access to a cell phone or other device capable of receiving SMS text messages.

This is why a lot of nonprofits, businesses, and even emergency response teams take advantage of text blast software to quickly broadcast messages in a format that almost everyone can receive very quickly. Most often used in the retail industry, sending a text message blast has been identified as the most effective way for businesses to connect with customers, raise brand awareness, and increase purchasing intent. Outside of the retail industry, many organizations use the services provided by their text blast service to communicate with their members.

Many people have received a text blaster from their church, their political party, their football team, or even their employer. SMS technology is by far the most preferred way to send a text blast because it ensures your messages are received by more people.
In fact, 98% of the population has the technology needed to receive an SMS text blast, making text blasts the most efficient way to reach everyone.

If you try to use messaging apps to sending SMS texts, you will likely run into issues with deliverability. Even the best messaging apps have limits on the number of contacts that can be sent a message at the same time.


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