Who’s The Boss?

Working. We all have to do it. Some are fortunate and like what they do to pay the bills. Some, less fortunate. Take for example, the age-old problem of working for an ogre. Orgres come in many forms, ranging from the annoying to the downright evil, and they can make your life miserable. What can you do?

Family therapists like to use a phrase, “reframe.” In a nutshell, reframing is taking a situation and seeing it from a completely different perspective, putting a new “frame” around it. In the bad boss situation, this might mean that you shift your perspective to understand that, in truth, you work for your clients, customers, the people who you serve, not the boss. This shift in perspective will not reform an ogre, as was the case in the popular Shrek movies, but it will definitely allow you to release yourself from your bad boss’s influence.

Once this new perspective has allowed you to disconnect from the drama that bad bosses create, you may find that you are calmer and less apt to “play into” the bad boss’s drama-rama. You may be able to take pride in what you do and feel satisfied about serving a larger purpose through benefiting the whole.

Sometimes, consultation with a counselor can help you to see how to create and apply this “re-frame” in your daily working life by allowing you to adopt the new perspective, then practice and drill it until you become “reformed.” And, isn’t better and easier to renew your perspective as opposed to taking on an ogre? Change the world by changing yourself. It’s a challenge, but it is do-able. Reforming an ogre? Not so much.

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