Mother’s Day

What’s a mom? A mom is a nurturer, a worrier, a warrior, a nurse, a cook, a maid, an image consultant, a manager, a listener. Wow! Sounds like a superhero, or at least a person who drinks a lot of coffee! Who could do and be all of this, and still manage to survive? I’m thinking God. That’s who. And, therein lies our problem. Without even realizing it, we expect our moms to be God. We are born into the world so helpless, that we needed someone who can be like God to us. The problem is, only God is God.

So, we sometimes blame our moms for all of our ills, our failures, our disappointments in life. Some people have had awesome moms. Some have had moms who did the best that they could do with the person of who they were. Some people were unlucky and had a very difficult mom. Perhaps she was ill in some way, or alcoholic, or abusive.

Today, I am going to challenge you to forgive your mom for her mistakes, and invest in the reality that your mom is human. This can take time, and work, so don’t give up. You may need to find help and support to do this work. Do this for yourself, so that you can detach from a make-believe world that brings you pain, and possibly re-attach to your mom in some way that is healthy, perhaps allowing yourself to enjoy your mom for the attributes that you love about her.

Remember this too, as humans moms can grow and change. To change your relationship with her, change how YOU are in the relationship. Try spending time doing an activity together. Keep it short, at first, especially if you are rebuilding a relationship with her. In small ways, interact with her as you would like to be treated. Remind her of something special that you shared with her, and thank her for that. Spending quality time with her will be more enjoyable if you let go of your need to have your mom validate your self-worth. She may never do that for you. Perhaps no one did that for her. The word “love” is a verb, something we do, not always something that we feel in our heart for our moms. Many times a mom can take the lead of her children, learning much from them.

Now, refer back to the first paragraph: see the word “wow?” You know, turned upside down, “wow” becomes “mom!”

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Forget about what’s happened, don’t keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.   Isaiah 43:18,19. The Message.

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