Killer whales, orcas, and adult human females

So, I was talking with a BFF from back home via skype over morning coffee today. We had the most interesting conversation. She told me how she had read some research about menopause. Scientists are finding that there are only three life forms that have a cessation of ability to reproduce in later life: Killer whales, orcas and adult human females. Nature is never random. There must be a reason for this! “Why ever is this so?” wondered I aloud. What could possibly trump survival of the species in biology-land? She filled me in.

Apparently, the going hypothesis is that, as an older adult female, killer whales, orcas, and adult human females are more valuable to “the pod” when they have no needy offspring swimming around, or walking around, as the case may be. Thus, the older females have freedom to provide needed support and services to the larger community.

It goes without saying that there are many wonderful implications here. First of all, older adult females are VALUABLE. Very valuable. Let’s let that sink in a moment. Because, this factoid flies in the face of everything that society and the media tell us.

Now, if you are a killer whale, orca, or adult human female, ask yourself: What am I going to do with my valuable self? What dreams and talents do I have? Making music? Setting up a business? Beautifying the planet with my fabulous garden? Teaching Sunday school? Rescuing animals? Find your talents and dreams, develop them, and then bless the pod with them!

If, however, you are not an older adult female, how can you validate this important population? How can you respect and support the moms, sisters, aunties, and grandmoms? Let’s suppose that you are a younger mother, or a busy, successful son. Ask yourself, have I made use of the expert advice of my family’s matriarch lately? What advice would she have for me in this phase of my life, or with the current challenge that I am facing? Why not find out, today?

Or, better yet, take her to coffee or a nice lunch, then encourage her to talk through her thoughts about her own life and goals with you. It will send a clear message to her that her life is valuable, that she matters to you, and that what she does is important. You help her, she helps everyone. See how that works?

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