Killer whales, orcas, and adult human females

So, I was talking with a BFF from back home via skype over morning coffee today. We had the most interesting conversation. She told me how she had read some research about menopause. Scientists are finding that there are only three life forms that have a cessation of ability to reproduce in later life: Killer whales, orcas and adult human...[ read more ]

Mother’s Day

What’s a mom? A mom is a nurturer, a worrier, a warrior, a nurse, a cook, a maid, an image consultant, a manager, a listener. Wow! Sounds like a superhero, or at least a person who drinks a lot of coffee! Who could do and be all of this, and still manage to survive? I’m thinking God. That’s who. And,...[ read more ]

Online dating

While single, I spent two years co-leading a group at my church that we called The Dating Christian Singles. We had great fun and fellowship, but we also learned a lot. We studied hard from many of the popular Christian-based dating and relationship books. We had spirited discussion. We also dated, and reported back to the group about our experiences....[ read more ]


Many readers can relate to the sadness of losing a beloved pet. I lost my Sabrina recently. She was a perfect mix of German shepherd, black lab, and pit bull. She was beautiful – slick shiny black hair and happy brown eyes. What is amazing to me is how much that I learned from her while she was with me....[ read more ]

Thinking Problem

We are misusing our brains. What is a brain, anyway? A roundish mass of “grey matter” as the scientists say, made up of microscopic neurons, all connecting to other neurons using electro-chemical means by which to send messages to one another. My apologies to the scientists among my readership who had to endure that simplistic account of the brain. So,...[ read more ]

Who’s The Boss?

Working. We all have to do it. Some are fortunate and like what they do to pay the bills. Some, less fortunate. Take for example, the age-old problem of working for an ogre. Orgres come in many forms, ranging from the annoying to the downright evil, and they can make your life miserable. What can you do? Family therapists like...[ read more ]

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