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Back when I was a middle-schooler, at age 14, I already knew what I wanted to do.  I was a HUGE “Dear Abbey” fan!  Remember her and her twin Ann Landers?  I devoured their advice columns in the newspaper.  I even started an advice service at school.  Students would bring handwritten questions to me on notebook paper.  I would go home, seriously contemplate the best advice to give and respond back on notebook paper!  Now, years later as an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor, I have had more than 20 wonderful years of experience helping many delightful clients! Mostly, people with self-love issues (codependency) find me, and together, we have created much better lives for them.  At times, though, my clientele has been as varied as the issues with which they bring for resolution.  Also, I have enjoyed being a professor in my field, both graduate and undergrad, so I keep up with what is new while coaching students in my field.

While I don’t provide the notebook paper advice service any longer, I do love to join forces with you to provide consultation, strength identification, encouragement, support, education, guidance, coaching, healing, and some reality-checking for you on your journey toward your goals in life. Just a session or two, or some long-term coaching, either way…

You Benefit!

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