Coronvirus update: Hello to my website visitors, thanks for visiting. Yes, I am taking new clients, however, I am currently doing all sessions via phone or online. I am happy to find an appointment time for you, and insurance can still be billed for telehealth services. The best way to reach me is by text at 636 627 7974, but feel free to contact me right here on my site. Hopefully, the is will all clear up quickly and we will be back to business as us usual!

Are life’s difficulties keeping you up at night? Does your life feel unmanageable? If you are feeling stuck figuring out difficulties you are experiencing in life or stuck deciding what to do about a specific problem, counseling can be a great way to get unstuck, and a way to take better care of yourself. Don’t go through it alone. I offer you counseling within a supportive, non-judgmental, and life-affirming relationship. Your life matters! I can help you:


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Meet Judi Meredith

As an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor, I have had more than 20 wonderful years of experience helping many delightful clients! Also, I have enjoyed being a professor in my field, both graduate and undergrad, so I keep up with what is new! I join forces with you to provide consultation, strength identification, encouragement, support, education, guidance, coaching, and some reality-checking for you on your journey toward your goals in life. Just a session or two, or some long-term coaching, either way…

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Here Are Some Places to Get Started

Individual Counseling

Stressed out? Need help navigating challenges? As your therapist, I’m in it with you in a non-judgmental and empathic way. There is hope, and you are not alone.

Couples Counseling

Are you tired of fighting about the same things?

Are you worried you are not right for each other?

Couples therapy can help you decrease conflict, communicate more clearly, figure out what needs to change, and help you feel closer to one another. If you’re worried about the future of your relationship, couples therapy can help.

Counseling for Self-Esteem / Self- Esteem

Do you struggle in a difficult relationship?

Do you feel as if your life is on the back burner?

Do you get the sense that your life isn’t as important as others?

Do you suffer from shame and self-doubt?

Your life matters, and supportive counseling can help you become the best that you can be, inviting new and exciting experiences into your life.

Supervision for LPC

Feeling anxious about the next step in becoming a counselor?

Worried about your ability to work successfully with clients?

As a seasoned clinical professional and a professor, I can offer everything that you will need to complete your licensing requirements and emerge a licensed professional counselor with CONFIDENCE.

About Me

Back when I was a middle-schooler, at age 14, I already knew what I wanted to do. I was a HUGE “Dear Abbey” fan! Remember her and her twin Ann Landers? I devoured their advice columns in the newspaper. I even started an advice service at school. Students would bring handwritten questions to me on notebook paper.

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